Core Themes & Objectives

Core Themes

  • College transfer education—Provide programs and services that prepare learners for transition to and success in further degree programs
  • Career and technical education—Provide programs and services that prepare learners for professional and technical career readiness, transitions and advancement
  • College readiness education—Provide pre-college programs and services that prepare learners for successful transition to college
  • Continuing and community education—Provide programs and services that reflect a commitment to the professional, social and personal enrichment needs of the community

Core Objectives

  • Access—Students have opportunities and pathways to access learning, certificates, and degrees at the college
  • Success—Students are successful in achieving their educational goals
  • Equity—Increase accommodation of the diverse needs of our students and communities
  • Responsiveness—Increase responsiveness to community, employer, and educational needs
  • Collaboration—Increase partnerships and collaboration with community organizations, local and state government and civic organizations, local business, public schools, and universities

Green River purposefully, systematically and comprehensively links planning and assessment to the accreditation framework. The strategic planning cycle, budgeting, and resource planning correspond to the 7-year accreditation cycle for a systematic evaluation of resources, capacity, adequacy and institutional effectiveness.

The core themes, objectives and values from within Green River's strategic plan outline broad programmatic areas of the college. The core themes of the College's mission and assessable core objectives are monitored and measured by core indicators. It is how we measure success. Each year core theme reports highlight the College’s efforts to fulfill its mission along with assessing our ability to monitor our environment and adapt and sustain our institution.