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Slash and Burn

January 7th - February 7th, 2019 Artist Panel Discussion and Closing Reception: Thursday, February 7th, noon - 1pm

Postcard for slash and burn showSlash & Burn is a collaborative exhibition that takes inspiration from slash-and-burn agricultural practices which regenerate the soil through acts of devastation.  The artists in Slash & Burn take the concept of renewal through destruction, harnessing the power of flame and blade as creative acts. In destruction and decay lay the seeds of hope.

Artists: Joy Hagen, Stephanie Hargrave, Deborah Kapoor, Crista Matteson, Naoko Morisawa, Kevin Piepel, June Sekiguchi, Joseph Steininger, and Suze Woolf demonstrate a wide range of responses to the exhibition's theme, giving birth to new creations by harnessing the power of flame and blade.   

Deborah Kapoor Sisters, Not Twins Mixed media installation 82 x 144 x 32 inches 2018

Deborah Kapoor | Sisters, Not Twins | Mixed media installation | 82 x 144 x 32 inches | 2018

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