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Heimta Works by Cindy Small

January 4 – March 18, 2022 Artist Talk: Thursday, February 3rd, noon over Zoom

(Old Norse term) To fetch, gather, glean.

I am a conjuror of stories. And a harvester of materials. Inspirations for color, pattern, and environments are discovered through a compulsive gleaning season. I am continually gathering and don’t remember a time when I wasn’t.

The assemblage aspect of the work is always a challenge, making disparate parts codependent. I am fascinated by how one thing reacts to another, and how that interaction is transformative. The narrative is encapsulated within an assemblage framework, creating a contemporary icon of the depicted event.

Magical realist contexts create a place where the living interact with unusual forces. These captured moments linger between the conscious and the sub-conscious; the moments when your mind wanders through your own library of fantastic stories.

                                                         - Cindy Small


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Artist Talk: Thursday, February 3rd, noon over Zoom 



Image: Cindy Small

The Consecrated Grounds of Cape Lookout

oil on board with polychromed pierced tin frame

28 1/2"w x 28"h

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