Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of Green River College is to:
Ensure student success through comprehensive educational programs and support services responsive to our diverse communities.


The vision for Green River College for 2020 is:
To be ranked among the very best in student completion and success and be an invaluable community partner and asset with robust and diverse revenue streams.

Core Values

The core values for Green River College are:

  • Student Success
    We support student engagement, retention, completion and post-program success through excellent teaching and learning and comprehensive support services.
  • High Quality
    We provide high quality in teaching, learning and support services in an environment of compassion and integrity
  • Student Access
    We meet student needs for access to and inclusion in their educational pursuits
  • Community Engagement
    We collaborate, stimulate and contribute to the educational, economic and social development of our external and internal communities through continued learning
  • Equity
    We encourage, foster respect for and respond equitably to diverse perspective and needs
  • Global Awareness
    We foster citizen responsibility by cultivating a global perspective on critical issues and challenges affecting our community and the world
  • Stewardship
    We strive to maintain sound financial management, increase effective and efficient operations, develop state-of-the-art infrastructure (to include staffing, technology and facilities), and be forthcoming and transparent in accountability for resource use
  • Innovation
    We seek to encourage, create and adopt innovative perspectives, policies and practices that will help achieve the College's mission
  • Campus Environment
    We preserve the safety, ecology and sustainability of our campus environment

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The College Relations offices are located in Rutkowski Learning Center (RLC), 148.