ctcLink at Green River College

ctcLink is a new system that gives students, faculty, and staff anytime, anywhere access to their college business.

ctcLink goes live Oct. 11, 2021 | New student portal launches Oct. 25, 2021

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ctcLink is a state-wide community and technical college project to replace our 30+ year-old administrative systems; Financial Management System (FMS), Student Management System (SMS), Payroll/Personnel Management System (PPMS), known as the “legacy” system in ctcLink.

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ctcLink for Students

On October 25, Green River College is launching a new student self-service portal and mobile app that provides an improved user experience. Your college services will be easier to navigate and use. As we prepare, many services for students will be closed or have reduced hours in the weeks to come.

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Student Tutorials

Step-by-step how-to guides and tutorials covering the basics for students to get up and running with ctcLink.

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ctcLink for Employees

Learn more about ctcLink, required trainings, view past campus forums, and more on the GRC ctcLink page on GatorNet.

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Employee Help & Resources

Find how-to documents and more to guide you through using ctcLink as our new system of record. We’ll continue to add to these resources as they are developed.

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Terminology & Acronyms

While you learn and work with ctcLink and its software, PeopleSoft, you will come across many words and terms. Find a quick list below and a comprehensive list at ctcLink Glossary.

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Project Timeline & Roadmap

As GRC prepares to transition to ctcLink, we are mapping out changes to current processes. Continue to follow this Road Map as we make sure everything is working as intended before processing enrollments and other transactions in ctcLink.

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Contact Us

Learn more about who is part of the Green River College ctcLink project team and who to contact.