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2018 Service Awards reception announced

By Human Resources, August 29, 2018

Opening week is just around the corner! As we prepare to kick off a new school term, we want to take time for celebrating our colleagues and their years of service at Green River. In past years, our service awards have fallen in line with Opening Day. This year, we’re giving the service awards their own day during the opening week activities – Thursday, September 20, 2018 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Thank you to our service award recipients, and to all of you, for everything that you do in Service to Education!

See 2018 Service Award Recipients below:

5 Years

  • Patsy Cadwell
  • Laeticia Egesi
  • Rebeka Ferreira
  • Emilee Findley
  • Brian Hansen
  • Aaron Hartzell
  • Scott Hemingway
  • Noah Hensley
  • Richard Hill
  • Jamie McCuaig
  • Bjorn Myhre
  • Niki Nelson
  • Benjamin Orr
  • Monica Paulson-Priebe
  • Melissa Porras-Monroe
  • Deanna Rish
  • Ariadne Rooney
  • Shanna Selvar
  • Shannon Sharpe
  • Yohannes Teferi
  • Chiae Wilder

10 Years

  • Pat Carter
  • Rhonda Daulton
  • Anne Dolan
  • Richard Douglas
  • Kelly Eisenhour
  • Aaron Leavitt
  • Deborah Lynes
  • Gavin Pyle
  • Jane Swenson
  • Benita Walters

15 Years

  • Steven Brumbaugh
  • Rob Jonas
  • Paul Metivier
  • Amanda Schaefer
  • Chitra Solomonson
  • Terry Waagan

20 Years

  • Vik Bahl
  • Steven Black
  • Lansing Bryan
  • Dawn Cleveland
  • Connie Hones
  • Lisa Michalec
  • Jerry Marshall
  • Jennifer Morgan
  • Diane Pelletier
  • Robert Sjogren
  • Sidney Weldele-Wallace

25 Years

  • John Avery
  • Shirlyn Bassard
  • Mark Blaisdell
  • Leslie Moore
  • Patrick Navin
  • Jessica Tichy

30 Years

  • Gary Jones
  • Liz Petersen

35 Years

  • Susan Snow Davis
  • Donnie Hallstone

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