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Featured Student: Linn (Shannon) Htet Kyaw, Myanmar

By Lansing Bryan, October 5, 2018

Linn Htet Kyaw (Shannon) is from Myanmar and came to Green River College in the fall of 2016.  He will be graduating at the end of this quarter and his goal is to transfer to Arizona State University. He is majoring in Finance.

Why did you choose Green River?

There are a number of reasons why I chose Green River College:

  • Green River has nearly 40 University Transfer Pathways, which makes transferring easier.  One of the Pathways is with Arizona State University which is my first choice.
  • I always wanted to travel and meet people from different countries.  I fell in love with the idea that so many international students attend Green River.  
  • Green River is close to Seattle - only a 30-45 minute drive.
  • Green River is surrounded by nature.  It is a calm, less distractions, better for studying.

What do you like most about Green River?

  • Everyone is so friendly.
  • A lot of diversity and opportunities to learn other people's cultures and point of view on many topics.
  • Great advising.  My advisors helped me to choose my major.  I knew I wanted to study business, but wasn't sure which area to go into. My advisor helped me to choose Finance and told me which university was best for my major.  The advisors gave me confidence and helped me to decide on where to go next in my life.
  • I like having the opportunity to choose my own classes and subjects that I never got to study in high school, like psychology and social studies.

Would you recommend Green River to a friend or relative and if so, why?

Yes, definitely. Green River is really a good place to start your university education, meet new people, and make new connections. Green River gives you confidence in life. The classes can really expand your mind and your horizons. A student has many options to choose which major they want to go into. In addition, I like the Seattle area. It is really a nice place. Really beautiful. Green. People are friendly. At Green River you get to meet a lot of new people from many parts of the world.

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