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Green River College students on the ferry to Friday Harbor.
Gavin Wee transferred from Green River College  to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he is pursuing a BS in Aeronautical Science.

Alumni Story: Gavin Wee, Singapore

I feel that Green River is a place where students are given a safe place to study, and are given many opportunities to learn, grow and explore. For me, it all started with a dream of being a commercial pilot. Then, I moved to Green River where the academic advisors in the International Programs office helped me craft out a plan to achieve that goal while receiving a good education in the process.

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University Pathway Partner: University of California - Riverside
Je Seung You with his former advisor, Andrew Turgeon
 International students and great friends, Cheryl Tam, Mamta Melwani, and Kiki van Essen
Dream Jang, alumna of the month.

Alumna of the Month: Dream Jang - South Korea

Dream Jang came to Green River in the fall of 2010 and graduated in June 2013 with her high school diploma and AB degree. She transferred to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majored in Political Science and graduated in June 2015 with her Bachelor’s degree. She now works full-time in the field of International Cooperation Development and at the same time is pursuing her Master’s degree in Korea.

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Student of the Month: Yen-Jung (James) Chen, Taiwan
Student of the Month: Anh Nguyen, Vietnam