Gap Year Testimonials

Jelle van Lieshout, Gap Year student from The Netherlands

Jelle van Lieshout

The Netherlands
Green River College 3 quarters

"In high school, I was convinced that I wanted to follow an academic career in mechanical engineering. During my time at Green River, I got the opportunity to explore subjects I had never been in touch with before. I decided to take classes I wasn’t able to take during high school. This is how I discovered my passion for computer science and decided to rethink my career path: something I have not regretted a single day. "

Viktoria Funke Green River to Australia/New Zealand Gap Year student from Germany

Viktoria Funke

Green River College to Australia/New Zealand

"Taking a Gap Year at Green River College was probably one of the best decisions I have made so far. It enabled me to be part of a great community and to explore the world by taking part in its study abroad program to Australia and New Zealand."  - Watch Viktoria's testimonial on YouTube.

Ivo Sunderman - Gap Year student

Ivo Sunderman

The Netherlands
Green River College 3 quarters

"I had no clue what I wanted to study before my Gap Year at Green River College.  I took a lot of science classes and am now interested in chemistry and the environment.  Student Life activities were amazing. I was able to explore more of Washington State.  My favorites were all the hikes. It was great to be out in nature. I also enjoyed the Boeing factory, skiing Crystal Mountain, professional ice hockey and baseball games, and the Stadium High School football game. During President's Day weekend I went with friends to Vancouver, B.C. and spring break I went to San Francisco.  I also enjoyed Campus Corner Apartments. I learned how to live on my own, do my own laundry, buy food and cook."

Amalie Knudsen and Emilie Rasmussen standing in front of the fountain on Green River College campus.

Amalie Knudsen & Emilie Rasmussen

Green River College 1 quarter

Amalie Knudsen and Emilie Rasmussen chose to come to Green River College for a 3-month study abroad experience to improve their English and better their chances of getting into a good university in their home country of Denmark. Watch their testimonial on YouTube.


Jacob Kristenson from Denmark

Jacob Kristensen

Green River College 2 quarters

"Green River College helped me achieve my goal of being accepted into Copenhagen Business School. I had the opportunity to take the classes I needed and they offered a wide variety of options. The staff were very helpful and accommodating and they made the transition into a different school system much easier and accessible for me. I am very grateful for my stay at Green River College. The 6 months I spent there have contributed immensely to my life, both academically and socially."


Pascal Weber stands in front of simulator

Pascal Weber

Green River College 3 quarters

"Taking aviation classes at Green River College not only confirmed that I was walking down the right path, but also gave me a broad understanding of what I had to consider when looking for flight schools in Germany. I was fairly certain I wanted to be a pilot before my Gap Year. However, coming to Green River just confirmed this."


Bente Mintjes - Gap Year student

Bente Mintjes

The Netherlands
Green River College 3 quarters

"I absolutely loved my time at Green River College! The GAP-year program is such a great program and perfect for a break between high school and university. I have grown really attached to this place and the people that came with it. I have made so many friends from all over the world and I know when I travel to these places, I will always have a place to stay. I know that I lot of the friends I made here are friends that I will stay in touch with and will keep close for the rest of my life!"


David de Gruijl in Leavenworth during the holidays

David de Gruijl

The Netherlands
Green River College 3 quarters

"I learned a lot during my year at Green River. Because of classes like drama and public speaking, I became a more confident person. However, I think that the programs and activities Green River College offers in addition to classes, is what really makes it stand out from all the other Gap Year programs. I attended the college for three full quarters, without ever getting bored. "


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