Running Start Cost

What does Running Start Cost?

The Running Start program covers up to 15 credits of tuition for college-level courses; courses numbered 100 or above, depending on the number of classes taken at the high school. However, there are other costs that Running Start does not pay for:

  • Textbooks and supplies: Costs will vary depending on required textbooks and supplies required for each class (average cost of books and supplies for a full-time student is $100-300 per quarter).
  • Quarterly student-voted fees: These include facilities fee, technology fee, student center fee and special services fee.
  • Class fees: Cost varies per quarter according to enrollment; see quarterly class schedule for details.

Running Start students may choose to enroll in developmental classes that are below college-level (courses that begin with the number ‘0' or READ 104). Enrollment in these courses is separate from the Running Start program and students are responsible for full tuition for those courses. For example, if a student enrolls in Math 097, the student will be charged tuition for the class according to their residency and the per-credit rate applied for credits between one and ten (see Tuition and Fees). Additionally, Running Start students who enroll in more than 15 credits will be charged tuition for the sixteenth credit and beyond.

Fee Waiver and Book Loan Program

Running Start students can take advantage of the Fee Waiver and Book Loan Program which assists students with waiving the cost of quarterly student-voted fees as well as allowing students to loan required textbooks for classes if they are available.

Eligibility Criteria:

Running Start students may apply for the Fee Waiver and Book Loan Program if they meet any of these criteria:

  • You are eligible for the Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL) program in the district you are enrolled through. OR
  • You are a foster youth. OR
  • Your family income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level published in the Federal Register as noted below.
    Visit for more information.
2018 Poverty Guidelines
200% Threshold
Family SizeGross Income

For each addtl member of the 

household in excess of 8, add



Submit the Fee Waiver and Book Loan Program Application to the Running Start Office in SA 122, with any of the following appropriate documentation: 

  • If you are eligible for FRL through your school district, you must submit a copy of the letter from your district. 
  • If you are a foster youth, please contact the Running Start staff for documentation information. 
  • If you are eligible according to the chart above, you must submit a copy of your family’s most recent tax filing
    (e.g. the first page of your most recent IRS 1040). Student’s name must be listed on the tax return.


  • Book loan is limited to availability. Eligibility does not guarantee all books will be provided. An email will be sent to your GRC student email address prior to each quarter with instructions on how to request books and important deadlines. It is your responsibility to check your student email account frequently.
  • Fee waiver applies to Student Voted Fees only. Individual class fees remain your responsibility and are not waived.
  • Below college level courses are not covered by the Running Start Program.
  • Submitting this form is not retroactive to previous quarters (you will not receive a refund for previous quarters).
  • The deadline for submitting this form is the Friday before the first day of the quarter – submit it as early as possible.

Please visit the Running Start Office in SA 122 for instructions on how to apply the Fee Waiver and Book Loan Program or iinquire by email

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