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This is a study program where students must carry a 15 credit load and are expected to fully participate in all class activities. Courses are scheduled Monday through Friday with a weekly field trip. 

Course Descriptions

CMST 238 Intercultural Communication (5 Credits)


This class looks at communication across cultures on the interpersonal and inter-group levels. It investigates the components of culture that work to affect the communication of members in and across cultures, including consideration of the role of culture on majority and minority cultural groups related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, religion, age, immigration, etc. This course examines different aspects of the communication process as they relate to intercultural communication, including perception, language, nonverbal communication, etc. This course considers the overview of prevalent theories and practical applications.

FILM 122 Introduction to Film: Genres  {Chinese Cinema} (5 Credits)

This class introduces culturally specific films from China and/or Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and examines the genres within this category of films such as thrillers, film noir, melodramas, westerns, etc.  It examines the literary, mythic and historical aspects of the different genres. It examines the social and political significance of different genres through the use of specific films watched for class.

CHIN 121 Chinese (5 credits)

Instructed by Shih Chien University faculty. There is no language prerequisite for this program. You will take a placement test upon arrival in Taiwan. Most students will take beginner level. A minimum of five students is required to create an intermediate or advanced section. The course starts with Mandarin phonetic symbols and Pinyin, with an emphasis on pronunciation, intonations and simple conversations. Green River College equivalent: Chinese &121, 122 or 123.


Will Scott, a tenured instructor at Green River College, will be your faculty leader for this study program. Will is extremely passionate about world travel and has travelled to 34 different countries. Will has taught two different study abroad programs and is familiar with and eager to be a part of the unique and formative experience it provides for students.

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